What To Expect At Your First Violin Lesson

First Violin Trial Lesson

Hey There! Whether you're an adult starting new hobby or a younger student starting the Violin for the fist time, it can be intimidating! To help ease the process let's talk about exactly what to expect at your first Violin Lesson.

What to expect at your first Violin Lesson

While the structure of a private lesson will vary slightly from teacher to teacher, here is what you can expect at your first lesson with me! No need to be nervous! You're about to start learning a fun and rewarding instrument. Also keep in mind that with my student our first lesson is typically a complementary free trial lesson. It's not only mean to get you familiar with the instrument but also give you a taste of my teaching style.

Before your lesson

Prior to your first lesson you will receive an email including all the things you will need to bring with you to your first lesson. These include a violin, shoulder rest, rosin, any books you are currently studying out of or have previously studied from and a pencil. (Click the link to see my list of my Favorite Violin Books and Accessories.)

During your lesson

Your first lesson is broken into three parts: Initial Consultation, Skill Evaluation Assessment and Instruction, Goal Setting and Assignment Overview.

1. Initial Consultation (<5 mins)

The initial consultation takes place right at the beginning of your lesson. I will ask you questions such as “What made you want to learn the violin?” and “How much experience do you have?”. You will also be given a violin studio handbook that includes the policies.

2. Skill Evaluation Assessment and Instruction (15-25 mins)

Skill evaluation assessment is a fancy way of saying “I want to see and hear how you play.” For my students who have previous playing experience, I will give you different pieces to sight-read as well as a brief discussion of theory. This is nothing to stress over. You are not graded and I don't judge! I proceed this way to know best where to start you for your additional training.

What if you are new to the Violin, a complete beginner with no previous knowledge? No Worries!!

If you are a beginner to the violin during this part of your first lesson we will learn the essential basics. These include parts of the violin, how to care for your instrument, basic music theory, and how to pluck the open strings. It doesn't seem like much, but trust me you will have plenty to practice.

For my beginning students I choose to teach these things during the first lesson because I want you do have a good foundation. At this stage in your development with learning the violin it is important that you are learning things properly.

We will move as quickly through the material as you want, but this depends on you! You must practice if you want to play well! You wont come out of your first lesson playing concertos, but if you put forth the time to practice by your second lesson you could be playing ‘Happy Birthday Song' or ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb‘.

3. Goal Setting and Assignment Overview (<5 mins)

At the end of our lesson, I will assign you a specific practice books that you will be studying from for your technique, theory and repertoire. There will be any from 1-3 books that range from in price from $4.00-$12.00 ( Most books range on the lower side).

As you study and practice, these books will help your development as a violinist. Your assignments for the next week and things to practice is assigned from these books. We will also discuss a practice goal for how many minutes you will practice per day. I will be sure to write these things down for you as well as make sure you go home with the needed materials to practice before your books arrive.

After the lesson

Now is your moment! You have acquired the skills and know which books you need. It's up to you to Practice, Practice, Practice before your next lesson.

While the structure of a private lesson will vary slightly from teacher to teacher, here is generally what to expect during your first trail lesson. No need to be nervous! You're about to start learning a fun and rewarding instrument.

Well what are you waiting for? Lets set up a trial lesson together today. Your musical journey awaits. 🙂

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