What Makes a Great Music Teacher?

3 things every parent should know

3 Things to consider when picking a music teacher for your child.

With many options of music teachers out there it can be difficult to know just which one will be the best fit for your child. Before you know it you've already lost precious time searching on google, facebook and other sites trying to find a good teacher. After awhile they all start to look the same.
While I will acknowledge there are many teachers that are good, you need to find one that will not only be good but will work great with your child! Here are three things to consider when selecting the right private lesson teacher for you.

First Impression is everything

Finding a teacher that you are impressed with is an important part of searching out a great teacher. What was your initial thought about this person? How do they interact with their students and parents?
It is hard not to make a first impression, we often form them within seconds of meeting someone. Hopefully your first observations of your potential new lesson teacher are a good one.

I know first hand how important this is! On one occasion I had a prospective parent hire me because she appreciated the time I took to talk with her and help her find the best options for lessons for her daughter. She told me that she knew her daughter would respond well to me because I was genuine. Being genuine can go a long way.

Ask for a consultation

Most teachers will be more then happy to meet with you to discuss questions. They want you to feel like you are getting the most out of your lesson experience and for most teachers a one on one meeting is the best way to build that rapport.

Another great option before beginning lessons is a Trial Lesson. Before purchasing a car you will most likely test drive the car. Before signing up for violin lessons it can also be good to go for a “test drive”. Every teacher has a different teaching style. As do all students have a different learning style. Trial lessons can be a good way to see if that specific teacher will be a good fit or a great fit for your student. Depending on the instructor there may or may not be a fee for a trial lesson, while most of the time they are complimentary.

Do your Homework

Lastly it is important to get as many facts about the studio and instructor as you can before agreeing to start lessons. Some of the facts and information you should look into are,

  • How much do lessons cost?
  • What method does the instructor use?
  • Does this studio hold recitals? (Is that something that is important to me?)
  • What are the instructors policies on lesson rescheduling and makeup lessons?
  • What experience does the instructor have in this field?

Go for it

So what are you waiting for? There are tons of teachers out there just waiting to help you to learn more! Whatever teacher you choose as a great fit for your student, remember music instructors love nothing more than great practicers!

For more info check out our Tuition or FAQ Pages! Or sign up for your free trial lesson here!