January 2, 2016


What if I have to miss/reschedule a lesson?

No worries! I totally understand that life happens. However, I ask that you give me 24 hrs in advance notice if arrangements for makeup lessons, rescheduling a lesson or extra lessons need to be made.

How much do you charge?

I charge $40 per half-hour lesson. Please see my Tuition page for more information.

Should I Rent or Buy my Violin?

There are pro's and cons to both renting and owning your own instrument.

Renting: This is a great choice for first time players and the options I recommend most often for my younger students as well as my adult musicians. Violins come in different sizes and the younger students will need smaller size violin, as they grow so will their need for a larger size violin. (Kids grow quick! As I recall they are always needing new shoes.) For this reason I recommend renting until they have reached a full size violin. 
Purchasing: I recommend this option to students who are serious about their study of the instrument, or just want to own. Most of my adult students will choose this option. 

Whatever you choose I would be more then happy to help you make sure you get the right instrument for you! 

What size violin should I get?

It is important that you are sized for a violin before purchasing one online or in general. Incorrect sizing of the violin can result in quicker fatigue while playing as well as long term injuries. To prevent these, my personal preference for sizing your violin is that your left hand is able to reach around the scroll, placing the middle finger into the peg box. Your local music store should be able to assist you in sizing your instrument or check out my post about What is the right sized violin. As always you can contact me with further questions as I am more then happy to assist you.

What books do you require your students to have?

Books for lessons are determined on an individual basis depending on the skill level and learning style of the student. Books will need to be purchased separately from tuition costs.

What kind of shoulder rest should I get?

Most violinist have their own preference of brand of shoulder rest to purchase. I recommend the Kun brand or the Everest . Also a squishy pad will work just fine.

Do you use the Suzuki method?

I use Suzuki books as a supplement to your musicians study. I apply principles from the Suzuki method but do not solely use this method of teaching.